Friday, September 23, 2011

Heavy Heart

The autoimmune community is a small one, although it seems to be getting bigger.  Most people don't talk about their disease unless its severe or they don't even realize that what they are experiencing is an autoimmune disease.

For the past few years, this blog and technology and given me a gateway to connect with people all over the world who either have my disease, or another autoimmune disease.  We all tend to experience the same things, some worse than others.

There is one person that I have always found comfort in.  Although, I've never met, her blog has brought me great comfort the past 3 years.  She has one of the most amazing outlooks on life and her faith is one of the most memorable things about her.  She writes so beautifully and truly can put into words what she is going through, without making you feel sorry for her. 

For awhile there, I felt a lot of parallels between Sara and I.  We were both basically house bond... her with her dog, me with my cat.  The doctors weren't really figuring out how to help either of us.  Dealing with BIG QUESTION MARKS, I always fond comfort in her blogs, as she handled her situation with such grace and strength.  She didn't complain or feel sorry for herself. Her blog gave me great strength, when I was at my lowest point and felt like no one would ever understand what I am going through... but Sara did.

The difference is now I was able to find a treatment that worked for me and a few answers regarding me disease.  Unfortunately, Sara did not.  Her body is slowly shutting down, and hospice care came this week... she is surrounded by,although I've never met them, what seems to be one of th emost amazing families.  I grieve in my heart for this fact, but I rejoice knowing that she will soon be with our creator and her body will feel no more pain.

I felt the need to write this blog, as whether you are struggling with an illness or even your faith... Sara's blog is one of the most inspirational things that I have come across.  She is a true inspiration for anyone.  I will truly miss her inspriation, but her blog is the type of blog you can easily go back and re-read many times and learn/grow over and over.

Please say prayers for Sarah and her family...

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