Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...

Quick little update... its become Fall in Minnesota.  Which is my favorite time of the year.  But with the colder weather, comes the more achy, stiff muscles and the coughing... oh how I hate the coughing.  But considering how bad all of this can be... I can't complain too much.

Officially... I have started to get a little bored.  It has taken 3 years.  But I finally feel like I might be able to handle a part time job of some sorts... we'll see.  I first want to get through this winter to see how I feel, as the winter months are the worse for me physically.  Fingers crossed everything works out and maybe I'll find a little something to keep me entertained.

Chris is SUPER busy with school and work... so proud of him, but can't really remember the last time I relaxed with him.  Seems as if we're going a mile a minute these days.  I'm finding ways to entertain myself though.  I've taken up sewing and am currently constructing a baby gift... pics to come later as I don't want to post before the shower :)

Also working on Halloween wreath and with Chris out of town this week I might just have to decorate before October 1st... we'll see! :)

Chris and I were fortunate to have one of my best friend's Liz and her husband come this weekend for a visit.  So I got to cook a meal and entertain, which I love.  Plus the company was amazing.  I really wish Liz and I lived next door to each other... she's that friend that no matter what I will always need in my life.  We just get each other.  She's the one friend that I haven't had to explain too much too about my disease, as she just gets it and knows the right thing to say. She has allowed me to be sad with her, get mad with her, and laugh about some of this as well.  Not sure what I would do without her.  Although I didn't look like me or feel like me, she was always able to pull the old me out.  But allowing me to be frustrated and not judge.  Its hard to come by friends that can help accomplish all of that... I'm fortunate and that I have had a few!

Anyways... not too much going on in this lane.  My blood tests have been normal for almost a year come this November and I got see the doctors in October.  I'm on 4 months visits and 2 month blood tests routine... considering I use to be every month... I'm ecstatic! :)

Keegan and Mia are doing amazing.  I get to see them in October!  Mia is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz... which was my favorite as a child.  Yesterday they had Wizard of Oz day at dance class.  Thought I'd share the two pics I got that warmed my heart...

Keegan Lee (Kiki) 4 years old 

Mia Reece (2.5 years old)

Hope everyone is feeling good, or better and enjoying the fall weather.  Fingers crossed we don't get snow in October this year! :)

Warmly... Maggie

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