Thursday, May 26, 2011

The joy of being able to finish something- start to finish

It has been a long time since I have been able to accomplish a project from start to finish.  I would either wear myself out, end of getting really sore, or not be able to physically finish it... i.e. painting our bathroom.  I still officially cannot bend down on my knees.

Well I can honestly say that I accomplished my first DIY project in a long time.  I took on putting up a kitchen back splash... which we desperately needed as the wall behind our sink was slowly getting destroyed.  Chris helped towards the end with me with figuring out how to extend the light fixtures and as well as grouting.  But other than that... a few Starbucks green teas, some music and I had a VERY productive week last week.

We also did some landscaping, while I'll admit that Chris did most of it, I did transplant all the plants and get all of our other plants ready for summer.  Here are a few pics.  Enjoy! :)  I know I am.
 Our new "royal" crab tree which I named Kate in honor of my obsession with Kate Middleton

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is good...

I just realized this afternoon that I have been totally MIA for about a month.  WOW!  While that is totally unacceptable, the reason is that I HAVE BEEN FEELING GREAT!  My infusion kicked in towards the end of April and I have been going strong since.

This past week I was busy babysitting my mother-in-law's two kitties... along with our Mr. Kitty, it was quite an active household.  Every where I turned there was a feline waiting and yearning for affection.  It was quite interesting and made me realize that I never want to own three cats.

Anyways, I have been quite busy with projects around the house.  The weather has been decent with average temperatures in the 60's.  I have found that between the 40's and 50's my arthritis acts up a little bit along with rain and anything below 40's causes some pain.  Above 50's and I have been feeling great.  I even have been working out everyday and I can go up to 20 minutes on the elliptical.  Considering I was at 2 minutes in January I think that's an accomplishment.

I'll fill ya'll in on our backyard landscaping project, the fact that I just completed an entire kitchen backsplash, oh and an awesome little thing regarding my amazing husband getting me my dream beach cruiser bike to take to the pool this summer.

SO anyways... Life is good because ONE I'm feeling GOOD and TWO, I got to see these two little ones a few weeks ago.  We surprised my brother for his 30th birthday and flew down to Georgia for the weekend.  We surprised the little ones as well! :)  Can't believe how big they are getting.  Here are some pictures for our weekend! :)

Chris, Brant (my brother) and My Dad at the Atlanta Aquarium

Keegan (Age 4) trying to teach me how to courtesy like Princess Kate

Keegan teaching me how to me "fancy" like Fancy Nancy

Loving my little Kiki

Loving my little Mia

The girls were brushing my hair and playing "rapunzel"

The four year old showcasing her new Rapunzel sunglasses

My brother with his birthday gift from us fellow Iowa Staters

Like I said... Life is GOOD!

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