Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Life has been a little crazy lately.  I realized last night that I haven't posted since my first infusion.  Well rest assured, my second infusion went well.  I did get a little touch of a lung infection afterwards though so I had to go on the "icky" antibiotic that makes me REALLY tired and nauseous.

My mom was up here for the second infusion, and then back up here for a baby shower that we threw for one of my childhood friends.  Needless to say my life has been a little hectic preparing for that.  Then this weekend Chris is going to Iowa for a bachelor party and I am having a girls weekend with some dear friends from Des Moines... Heather and Liz... I believe I have mentioned them one or twice before! :)

So lots of good things, but I haven't been feeling terrible, but not all that great either.  My disease did start to show that it was becoming active again from my April blood tests.  It looks like I'll probably have to do infusions every 4 or 4 1/2 months.  Not fun, but I figure if it makes me feel good all the time that is a plus.  With the change in temperature up here my arthritis has been acting up, and since my disease has become more active I've been coughing a lot and having a little harder time breathing.  Am I flat of my back miserable... no but I've felt better.  The infusion should start kicking in soon, so I'll be back to my "higher" energy self.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring! :)  Here are a few pics from what I worked on from the shower... I love crafts :)

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