Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful for Netflixs

So... real quick update.  I had my first round of the Rituxin infusion on Tuesday.  It started at 6:30 am, although earlier than previous ones, I liked this time as it got me in and out quicker since not too many people chose that time.  This was the quickest infusion at only 5 hours.  Something I can handle.  I watched two movies, and made small talk with a lovely lady sitting next to me.

I'm thankful that Chris took this whole week off.  He had Spring Break from classes, so we decided to take some you and me time... MUCH NEEDED.  We've watched movies, gone out to dinner, etc.  Its been great.

I'm feeling fairly decent after my infusion, although I was EXTREMELY tired.  I got a little sick that night, nausea, etc. but today I feel fairly good.

I'm thankful that my next round of infusion is in two weeks, and actually my mom is coming up for that one to give Chris a little bit of a break.  I haven't seen my mom since Christmas... mother/daughter time is much needed.

Spring is finally starting here in Minnesota.  Its been in the upper 40's/50's this week.  My joints are thankful! :)  The snow is slowly melting... hopefully in a few weeks it'll be comepletely gone!

My entire family is in Charelston right now, jealous they have 70's and its suppose to get up into the 80's!  Here's hoping Spring comes quickly.  Although, I will admit I'm already to migrat South, and I think Chris is officially on-board as well.  Two more years of school, and who knows what'll happen! :)

Hope the sun is shining in your household.


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  1. Thank you for your honest blog posts. I found your blog while doing a search on antisynthetase syndrome. I was diagnosed with the anti-OJ variety in July 2009. I lost 70% of my lung capacity and it's been a long road back. I just recently stopped using oxygen support and am finally tapering down on the meds. This diagnosis has made life uncertain and often flattens me, but there have been gifts along the way too. I hope you find treatments that work for you. Keep hanging in there. Kelly


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