Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just what the doctor ordered

Last weekend, Chris (my husband) had a bachelor party at Iowa State for a fraternity brother.  So I had planned on being along all weekend, maybe watching some chic flicks, who knows.  Well I did that Friday, but on Saturday, much to my surprise my two friends Heather and Liz were coming up from Des Moines.  It had been awhile since I had seen them.  Two other friends (we were all Gamma Phis at ISU together) that live in MN came over Saturday night to and we made a girls night of it.

It was so nice to just veg out on food, drinks (peeptinis), chat and catch up.  We had a LOT to celebrate.  Heather had just gotten engaged in January and Nicole earlier that week announced that she was pregnant.  What wonderful blessings.  So the night consisted of looking at ultrasounds and wedding stuff.

We didn't need anything else to make the weekend more memorable or fun, but much to our surprise Heather asked us all to be bridesmaids.  Such an honor and I cannot wait to be apart of her and Brian's special day!  You can see her blog post regarding the weekend here.  The wedding party is going to be so much fun and Heather will be a BEAUTIFUL bride.  Can't wait for May 2012~

Here are some pics Heather took from the weekend.

Me with my cupcake tree... Cookie dough cupcakes (yes please) :)
 Nicole (+1), Trisha, Heather (the bride), Me, and Liz
 Liz, Me, and Heather drinking our peeptinis

So... what a great weekend.  Sunday night was topped off with Chris coming home and us catching up on our wonderful weekends.  We then ended it by watching the Harry Potter 7th movie... have I mentioned I'm obsessed with Harry Potter???

So... great news from the weekend, but unfortunately I haven't be feeling the GREATEST.  I haven't had any fevers but I've been sore and my fatigued then normal.  Not too bad, but I have had a little trouble breathing and I've been coughing a lot.  I had blood tests taken on Monday, so I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow.  Prayers my disease didn't flare up more before the infusion started to kick in... if so, more prednisone :(.  Trying to think positive, but I just haven't been feeling as great as I was the past month.  We'll see and I'll keep you all updated... I think part of it is the weather... yes its snowed this week.  I am not sure Spring will ever arrive in MN.

Well that's the update for now.  Hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

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