Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greatful for Friends

Based on my previous posts, you can see that I was in a little bit of a "funk."  Rest assured, I'm doing a little better.  I still have all the feelings previously posted, but I'm REALLY TRYING REALLY hard to focus on the positive! :)

I'm so grateful for friends and family.  It's honestly what helps me get by from day to day.  Whether its waking up to a text message from my dear friend Heather Dunman or venturing out to Prior Lake last night to celebrate one of Chris' dear friend's birthday.  It helps to hear others laughter, and I find my self joining in and GENUINELY enjoying life.

So THANK YOU to Heather Prins, AJ Prins, Jake Weisberg, Matt Hermann, and crew for an amazing evening!  I was in a PURE FUNK and you all allowed me to smile and enjoy a wonderful evening with good food and amazing friends! I'm grateful Chris is friends with you all, which has allowed me to become friends with all of you!

Old school pics are in order! :) haha
I think this was at Gamma Phi Formal... Chris, me, Heather and AJ

Some of the guys at our wedding! :)

Chris and AJ (he was Chris' best man)--> Happy Birthday! :)

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  1. I lurrrrrrrrve you. :) Glad you had some fun this weekend woo!


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