Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling BLUE

So, Chris and I have lived in our wonderful house a little over 2 years, but haven't done too much to it to make it our own.  So that was our 2011 new year's resolution.  We had put much of our focus on the 1st floor and the least amount of focus on our bedroom.  We decided to pick up our paint brushes and paint our bathroom a fun blue color.  We LOVE Martha Stewart paint and we had some left over from Chris painting his study on the first floor... It totally transformed our bathroom.  I also found brown paisley curtains on clearance at Target.  Two panels are in our bedroom but the third panel I used iron on hem to make a short curtain.  We never open the blinds, so i wasn't too worried about the backing.  I think it turned out nice???  Thoughts???

Now... my next project is to paint the upstairs guest bathroom... the color is still TBD.

It was fun for Chris and I to do a project together.  We had a lot of fun talking.  He loves and is REALLY good at painting, while I actually love to tape.  We made a great team! :)

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