Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hanging Tough

The past few days have been not so great in the physical sense.  I've been "okay" but at night, mostly due to the cold weather, I've been extremely sore.  It's never a good sign when it hurts to sit to go to the bathroom.  My knee joints and my hands are especially the problem areas.  Luckily I don't have much going on this week.  So besides doing a few dishes, a load of laundry and working on baby shower invitations.  I've kept it fairly low key this week.  I'm hoping to perk up by this weekend as we have a fun dinner party with old friends.  Something to look forward to is key! :)

I was able to schedule my infusions for March today.  Funny how I was planning to have nothing planned for the month of April in anticipation of my infusions, and then look what happens... they're going to be pushed up to March.  I'm not complaining too much, as most likely the yucky feeling I get between infusions will be lesser.  I'm fortunate my mom is able to come for the second infusion and give Chris a break.  Sometimes I wish I could just go by myself, but I can't drive before or after them due to the relaxation medicine!  Bummer.  I'll be so ready once I get a routine down for these infusions and I can get a constant schedule.  The earliest I can have them is every four months... hopefully we can keep it at 5 months :).

Chris is back at school, and so far so good.  His semester seems to be off to a good start and he's really enjoying his classes.  I'm back to being by myself more, which isn't too bad.  I keep thinking only a few more years! :)  I'm working on my dear friend, Marisa's baby shower, so that has kept me entertained.  It isn't until March, but it takes me longer to do stuff.  Plus, I'm an avid planner. :)

So in a nutshell, I'm feeling a little sore and ickier than usual, but still hanging in there.  I've been battling an infection and I'm on my fourth antibiotic since end of December.  I go back to the doctor Monday and hopefully that will all get straightened out.  Until next time...

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