Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grateful for Friends ;)

So this weekend was GREAT!  Chris and I had a nice date night on Friday!  We went and got margaritas and Mexican food... it doesn't get much better than that!  Needless to say my "small" margarita was a FISHBOWL!  Chris and I enjoyed being with each other, as this week was CRAZY for him with work and school and he didn't get home most nights before 9.

Saturday was great relaxing and watching some movies.  I started off my night with an amazing phone call from one of my best friends Liz.  She always knows how to make me smile, and although we don't get to see each other AT ALL, it seems like time never passes by.  We pick up right where we left off.  Liz is one of the most supportive and caring people I know.  I'm so happy, as I've been bumming lately and as Chris put it... you need a dose of Liz.  So hopefully, finger crossed I'm going to go see her in a few weeks!  Please weather cooperate! :)

Anyways... we ended the night in Prior Lake with our dear friends Heather and AJ and Betsy and Chris.  AJ and Chris are my husbands fraternity brothers and AJ has been a dear friend of Chris' since high school.  Heather, Aj's wife, my sorority sister and dear friend and Betsy is Chris' wife and dear friend.  I think I've said "dear friend" enough!  My bad!  Anyways, it was so nice to have a "normal" Saturday night of good friends, games, food, and drinks!  It felt so great to have a relaxing Saturday night with friends.  Chris and I are so grateful to have these two wonderful couples in our life.

So... I'm a little sore today and tired, but hanging in there.  Chris and I are enjoying some Starbucks coffee and the fact that its sunny out!  Overall, we had a very enjoyable weekend.  Life is slowly going back to normal!

I only have one doctor appointment this week, YEAH!  So looking forward to a week of getting some chores done if all goes well!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with happiness and laughter... I know I did! :)

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