Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big "D" Gives Me TWO BIG Thumbs Up

So, went to my doctor yesterday and everything is looking good.  I get my blood test results back probably tomorrow, but there is no reason that something should be abnormal.  My infusions are going to be scheduled from March.  We're going to do it every 5 months, as it seemed 6 months is just a little too long.  So... I be at their office 3 times in March, but all is good.  Hopefully my mom can make it to one of them and give Chris a little break.

My muscles are slowly building up.  I've been able to do 4 minutes on the elliptical everyday this week, so that's definitely progress from the 2 minutes a few weeks ago.  The cold still makes me cough a lot and turn blue, but overall I'm hanging in there.

I've lost a couple of pounds and slowly my face is becoming recognizable.  I'm startingto gain a "little" self-esteem back.  I'm actually enjoying putting make-up on again and wearing something OTHER than sweats.

Chris continues to be my rock and Hannity continues to be my companion.

Hope everyone stays warms.  Its suppose to be -18 tonight... I'm ready for Spring! :)

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