Thursday, December 30, 2010

I get by from a little help from my "friends"

So... as most of you know. I practically live in the "north pole," which we call Minnesota. Cold weather is not good for a condition like mine. So I thought I'd share little tidbits that I use to get through our harsh winters. Even if you don't struggle with arthritis or something along those lines, you still might want to try these out. 1. Spa H20 Sea Marine Sugar Scrub. Ever since I started going off prednisone, my skin has gotten VERY dry. But, my skin is also VERY sensitive. So salt scrubs do not work on me as they're too rough. So I turned to Spa H20 Sugar scrub. It does wonders. I use the original brand, as there isn't much scent. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. With the dry air here as an added factor, this has proved to do wonders these past few weeks. 2. Jessica Simpson's Ugg-like Slippers. Chris for Christmas got me these AMAZING slippers, as they are low boots with a fuzzy faux fur inside. I love them as they cover over my ankles and keep my feet extremely warm... which is KEY. He found mine at DSW.
3. Nora Roberts the Bride Quartet Series. The series contains 4 books. I read two before Christmas and two after Christmas. Lets just say if you like wedding and Chick, romance novels, you'll love these. I read each one in roughly a day so its a fairly easy, fast read. 4. Gap Body Sweat suits. Gap Body has the most comfortable lounge wear. It washes well and is super soft. Plus they have a ton of styles to chose from and its affordable. In the winters, this is what I LIVE in.5. No Crack Hand Cream. So my hands peel (it HURTS) and bleed due to my mechanics hands. Had the dryness of the winters and its no fun. No Crack Hand Cream has done wonders. I still have the peeling, but probably is cut in HALF since I started using this product. I found mine at Restoration Hardware (random I know).
6. Epsom Salts. This remedy my sister-in-law, Kelly, told me about. So all you athletes out there will like this one. Take a bath full of epsom salts. It is an old fashion remedy and does wonders! Love it! It truly helps with aching muscles. You can buy a large container at Walgreens for fairly cheap.
7. Russian Friendship Tea. I'm not a HUGE tea drinker. But I love this spicy, sweet mix. You can find the recipe by googling it on-line. It makes a large batch and I just make one for the winter and put it in a container. Its nice to have on a cold night and relaxes my chest.
8. Humidifier. Best thing for people with lung conditions. This really helps me stay not as congested in the night. If you have a cold, I suggest this as well.
9. Naked Juices. This is my new found thing. I have a small glass each morning with my breakfast. I usually get the "Superfoods" one or "Antioxidant" one. With a compromised immune system, I'll take what I can get. Plus it lasts long in the fridge. 10. Trader Joe's Oatmeal. Finally, my Trader Joe's oatmeal. I got my mom on this kick. Its organic, healthy and REALLY good. I try to eat oatmeal for breakfast as its a great way to jump start your day. I'm hoping to try Bethenny Frankel's healthy brown rice recipe this month, so I'll let you know what I think of that.

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