Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Our House

Dearest Two Legged Creatures,
It’s that time of the year to wish all you a Meowy Christmas from the resident cat of the Hatch household. I hope all of you had a purrfectly wonderful past year and are looking forward to a great new year!
My owners, Chris and Maggie, swept me off to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, as they went to Disney World for the holiday with the Allen family. I do not know what this place is that they speak of, but I am curious of this Mickey Mouse guy.
This year has been busier than all my past nine lives put together. Chris, aka Dad, continues to work all day in his marketing job at Thomson Reuters, while Mom, aka Maggie, and I play. But instead of coming home to bask in my wonderfulness, he has begun going to class. When he’s not at class, he’s studying in the den. I try to get his attention by curling up in his inbox on his desk, but nothing seems to break his focus. I’m not sure about this whole MBA thing. Mom said it’ll be another few years of Dad cheering for the Gophers. Gophers, huh, I could take them on with one swipe.
Finally, this brings me to Mom. We continue to have our morning cuddle sessions, but she has been more active lately. Something about going off of prednisone and enjoying what Minnesota has to offer. The new drug, Rituxan, that the doctor put her on as done wonders and made for fewer trips to the doctor’s office, and more time with me. Our family has been amazed at the continuous support from all of you. So… thank you.
Well that’s the news from my eyes. I’ve had a blessed year of contentment, free from any irritating fur balls. Hope your Christmas is filled with family, friends, and fun with the four legged creatures in your household!!!

From your feline friend,
Hannity Hatch (aka The Cat)

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