Monday, November 22, 2010

Something to be thankful for...

There are many things for me to be thankful for this year and quite honestly after the past two weeks that I've (we've) had, I needed some good news.  Amidst the dental appointments, unwanted bladder infection, final exams, angst about our upcoming trip (aka Maggie flying)... there was a silver lining.  On Friday, Chris and I quietly celebrated to accomplishments.  1.  Chris was done with his first semester of MBA school at the U of MN.  and 2. I was FINALLY able to go COMPLETELY off prednisone.  Yes... I'M OFF PREDNISONE.  Just in time to celebrate with my family in Disney World.

Chris and I, and the rest of my family, leave early tomorrow morning to head to Disney World on a trip that we've planned for 2 years, and talked non-stop about for just as long.  I'm so excited to show Chris the many memories I have made with my family there, plus now at Christmas when we talk about the "hairy leg on Pirates of the Caribbean" he'll understand.

We'll be greeted by two ADORABLE nieces, that will allow us to know what its like to be a kid again.  I cannot wait to share with all of you the wonderful time I KNOW we'll have. 

This is the first time Chris and I have gone on a vacation since our honeymoon, we cannot wait!  We ask for your prayers, as I've never been a good flyer, add prednisone anxiety and a bladder infection, LOOK OUT.  My I think my excitement is, for once, overshadowing my anxiety.

Anyways,  hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving.  Thanks for all the support, now lets CELEBRATE and enjoy being thankful for our MANY blessings! :) 

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  1. have a BLAST Maggie!!! You are going to enjoy every second, I am sure. You have so much to be thankful for this year for sure!



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