Monday, October 4, 2010

Infusion Part One

So Chris and I ventured to Edina, MN this morning for my infusion at 7:30 am.  I had MAJOR anxiety leading up to when we got to the appointment, but once I got settled in my chair, and the IV started, I was actually fine.  My heart rate, the highest was 109... last time it was 140.  We were all pumped, granted the anxiety medicine they gave me helped.  Now... I did have the IV flush go right through me so there were MANY trips to the bathroom, but I was okay with it.

I watched the movie Letters to Juliet, and then read some.  Chris studied and worked on from his blackberry.  All in all... I was pretty proud of myself.  Only one more to go in two weeks.  Funny story though... I forgot how tired I would be... I got a smoothie from McDonald's... so good if you haven't had one and its fresh ingredients.  I finished my smoothie on the couch and literally passed out.  I proceeded to move to my bed following a 2 hour nap and then slept for another hour and a half.  I'm exhausted, but trying to keep myself awake for now so I can go to bed early after a nice warm bath... yes doesn't it sound amazing!?!?!

My husband is awesome... just have to say!  I don't know what I would do without him and his calm self.  Thankful for his patience with me and his willingness to be by my side supporting me and knowing he wouldn't have it any other way!  My husband is a rock star... yep I said!

Bye for now!  Hugs!!!

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