Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alarming Wake-up Call....

So if you are having a bad day... this should at least give you a chuckle.  I will fill you in on how Chris and I woke up this morning.

So... Chris' alarm went off at its usually time of 6:00 am, and Chris proceeded to do his usually snooze button action.  This alarm also tells me, "hey its time to take your am medicine."  So I took my pills, went to the bathroom, and then I realized, hmmmm Hannity (the cat) was not begging for food like he usually does.  I walk out to our bedroom and see Hannity next to our door staring at a pair of my ballet flats.  So I quickly went to Chris and asked him if he had already fed him (sometimes the cat wakes us up at 5 am, so we just feed him to keep him quiet).  Anyways, Chris said no.  So I went to go feed him, but noticed he was still starring at my shoe.  Mind you, its 6 am, its cold, and the only light I have on is the illumination from my cell phone.  I figured it was a spider or something but I put my phone down and what do I see in my shoe... sure enough Hannity had caught ANOTHER "Prisoner of War." i.e. a furry, grey mouse was inside my shoe.  Needless to say... I screamed, ran and jumped into bed, while Chris freaked out thinking I had a heart attack or something, yes, I scream bloody murder.

Anyways... turned on the lights.  I proceeded to think the mouse was dead, but nope, our lovely cat brought his POW up here to show us.  Our reward per say.  Anyways, the cat ushered the mouse into the bathroom and then proceeded to flop it into his food dish.  Yes, our cat has quite the sense of humor.  Long story short... Chris caught it with a glass... literally looked like a scene out of Ratatouille, and flung the little mouse out the door.

So... 2 mice in 1 month... we are officially at war.  Fun times, but as some of you know, Chris and I are expert at catching mice.  I think we caught up to 20 in my old apartment (which was within a 6 month time period).  So the battle is officially on.

Thought I'd share our morning adventure.  Hannity has been gloating all morning about capturing is POW.  Quite funny.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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