Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hannity vs. The Mice Take 3

Mouse adventure number 3 started last night... Not in our basement but first floor.

Don't worry, the mouse didn't surface until 2 pm today and of course it happened while I was doing dishes, while I had the movie Witches on... Heard squeaking, looked down and there is Hannity with a mouse in his mouth- looking at me like "Look Mom... I got him". Needless to say I screamed, ran, and jumped on the table yelling for Chris! Thank goodness for the kitty as obviously the mouse traps we have out aren't cutting it.  Now I'm officially paranoid, as they have never been on the first floor unless the cat brought them up.  The whole time I was doing the dishes I was jumpy... as Chris said from the study, why are you watching a movie where mice squeak in it about ever 5 minutes.  But its The Witches... can you blame me????

Other than that we had a relaxing weekend, with Chris studying 24/7!  Only 4 weeks left and then I'll have my husband back for about a month!  Super excited.  So proud of him though for working as hard as he has been but still being concerned with my needs.  Everyone tells me this, but would like to re-iterate the fact that I'm a lucky lady!
The kitty is pooped and is tired after earning his keep! See pics below... he has been comatose for about 5 hours.  What a brave little kitty... I feel the need to take notes!  I've been a wuss! 

Sweet Dreams.

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