Thursday, October 28, 2010

No go on the no prednisone

Well my blood tests came back and unfortunately my CRP elevated a little but more to 1.2. So unfortunately I am still stuck at 2.5 mg. Of prednisone. Which although as much as I would love to go off it I anticipated this... The medicine works but not that quickly. So fingers crossed for next month.

It has become very cold in minnesota, so my body has started to ache adjusting to the colder temperatures. Not much has been on my agenda this week, but I'm enjoying my fair share of scary movies. Also started working on my new winter scarf... Think Elle Woods pink! So much fun! Can't wait to finish it and wear it.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween! Can't wait to share pics of Keegan and Mia... they are going as Little Bo Peep and the Sheep that my mom made... Oh and my mom is going as Lady Gaga... yep I promise to share pictures!

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