Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adventures of Maggie Part 1

Well... quick blog post... I am off to Iowa!  As you remember this past August was the first time me driving ANYWHERE by myself.  Well this is the first time I will be driving HOME (6 hours) by myself.  I already have some scheduled stops along the way, but say some prayers and cross your fingers that all goes well.

I haven't been feeling my GREATEST but I still feel better than a did before the first round of infusion.

I'm looking forward to my welcoming party in Iowa... my parents.  Can't wait.  Plus... my sister-in-law is coming from Georgia on Thursday and her and I get some "sister" time just us... hasn't happened since BEFORE they were married... 6 years!  I can't wait, as I could use a great dose of Kelly right now.  Then on Friday we're off to the Carrie Underwood concert... bucket list of sister-in-laws... CHECK!

I'll take pics and keep ya'll updated!  Hope everyone has a great week!


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