Friday, April 23, 2010

Toes in the water... ass in the sand...

I had to post this... nothing like hearing your almost 3 year old sing a song to you over the phone.  My sister-in-law Kelly just called and said Keegan learned a song and wanted to sing it to me... she then proceeded to sing "I got my toes in the water... ass in the sand," from the Zac Brown Band.  No joke... the girl picked it up from the radio... talk about too cute.  My favorite is still when she sings, "papa's deere," but Brant taught her that... this one she picked up on her own.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.  Also... Mia took her first step without holding onto anything... it amazes me how each day they get bigger and start experiencing new things.

Anyways... today my blood test results would of come in and LUCKILY NO PHONE CALL!  That means nothing alarming came in with my numbers and I continue down the progression of 15 mg. of prednisone!  I was really anxious this morning, everytime my phone rang I kept jumping to answer it.  Luckily, I met with my friend Marisa this morning for coffee at about 8:30 and we talked for awhile and she kept my mind off the phone.  Thankful for her conversation and the friendship we have formed as "couples."  Her husband and Chris are planning on golfing tomorrow... they are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I'm so glad that God has blessed us with their friendship.  No matter what... we always enjoy the company of Marisa and Shea.

Other than that... no fevers or anything in regards to the prednisone withdrawal.  I'm a little tired and have a headache so laying low is key today...

My heart is a little heavy this week regarding some recent events that I feel the need to share.I found out Monday that a sorority sister of mine, Katie Lunn, was killed in a car/train crash this past weekend.  I have only met Katie a couple of times, as when I joined Gamma Phi at Iowa State she had transferred to a college in Oklahoma.  Her older sister, Jessica, was a senior when I was a freshman.  The few times I met Katie she was extremely kind and full of life, my initial impression has been verified by the outpouring of people's response via facebook of Katie's death.  Katie was a dance instructor in Chicago and it amazes me at only the age of 26 how many young lives she has touched.  Its such a tragic thing when God takes away a life so young, especially due to something very preventable.  Katie's car was hit by an amtrack train in Chicago, due to the fact that the gates and lights were not working. 

Another death, was one of my dad's golfing partner's son died last week due to bacterial menigitis.  He was 3 weeks from graduating from Iowa State University and his family didn't even know he was sick.

I always try to find the good in everything, but in this situation it is very hard.  I ask you all to pray for her family and friends as they pay respects and honor her memory this weekend... I can not even imagine... it makes you realize how precious life is and to cherish the memories you make with family and friends.  I plan to make lots of memories today with my husband and friends... and to cherish them.  I challenge you to do the same.

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