Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't stop believing....

Okay... so most people know that Journey's "Dont Stop Believing" is one of my all time favorite songs.  Well I had to laugh at myself as I sat at my Rheumatologists office today when that song came on in the back office very softly... but as an avid Journey fan I tend to tune into that melody from the first few notes!  Anyways... since I have come to this office at least ONCE EVERY month since September 2008... Everyone knows me... so I'm pretty calm regarding these appointments but today for some reason I was really anxious!  One question kept entering my mind... would I be able to go down on prednisone?

I have been on prednisone since September 2008 and I have been on 40 mg. and up continiously since July 2009... it has definately taken a toll on my body.  I have gained 50 pounds of fluid/weight, my face looks like a completely circle, and worst of all I've got straie all across my arms, legs and stomach... literally my stomach looks like a tiger attacked it.  So... you can see WHY I'm anxious to go down on prednisone.  Unfortunately, last time I went down I went down too fast and ended up getting to 7.5 mg. and couldn't walk and had to go all the way back up to 60 mg. of prednsione... so its an interesting process!

Anways... TOMORROW I GET TO GO DOWN TO 15 MG. OF PREDNISONE!!!! :)  I'm so excited... hopefully maybe my face will start to go downa  little bit!  I  know the next couple of days could be shaky, and I have another infusion on Monday, but the thought I almost having this NASTY drug out of me is so encouraging.

So... through this process Chris and I have kept a positive attitude and although a lot of the studies out there and information shown to us didn't show a great prognosis for my length of life, we figured with the fact that I'm young, a positive attitude, faith, and a doctor that is truly my advocate... we could get this disease under control and live a "semi" normal life!  So with that being said... My doctor told me one of the best things EVER.... she feels based on last months blood tests (example my CRP (c-reactive protein) which has been at 6-8 for a year when down to 2 last month... now normal is .5 but hey... we'll take it), and my joints that this is the best she has felt about my pronosis.  I'm on cloud nine... I'll be quite honest, I got really emotional when I told Chris this.  It seems that things are starting to go in the right direction and we have some news to be happy and positive about.  Tonight... we're celebrating with good friends, Marisa and Shea.  As my mom would say, "Life is Good."

Thank you again for the continuious support of prayer, e-mails, and phone calls.  We truly appreciate them.  It makes each day a little easier to conquer knowning we have a "team" rallying for us.

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  1. Yayayayayayayayayay!! That's awesome news all around from the Prednisone to the prognosis! Love you!!


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