Friday, April 30, 2010


So I'm so excited it is Friday!  Unfortunately last night was not the best night... I had a touch of a slight fever and some chills.  We're not sure if this is due to lowering prednisone, the infusion, or if I'm battling an infection.  I have felt better as the day has gone on which is good and I'm looking forward to having Chris home in a few hours.

Last night was hard as I started to feel feverish again and my muscles hurt... its been a long time since I experienced those.  I started to cry with a washcloth over my face... not because I was in that much pain, but more due to frustration.  Can I ever get a break?  Its hard not to get frustrated as so many times I feel like I have 2 steps forward and then 4 steps back.  I'm hoping this is just a little bug and will pass soon, but in the back of my mind I keep think, what if this is my disease acting up due to the lowering of prednsione!  I try not to be negative, but when you've been sick for so long its hard not to be.  We're going to keep on moving though! :)

1... Becky's wedding this weekend and getting to see G-phis! :)  Plus, wedding cake is my fav.

2... Mom visits... they're the best and I have the best mom.
3... Falling to sleep with Chris... no more 2 am insomnia
4... Chris finished is grad application! :)
5... Watching movies while it rains
6... Starting a good book
7... Planting flowers... our front porch looks great with dark purple and yellow pansies.
8... New perfume my mom got me... Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC... it's yummy!
9... Finishing a project... finished Andrea's baby anouncements! :)
10... Starting a new project... wine cork pictures... we'll see! :)

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  1. I want to know more about the wine cork picture project! :)


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