Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unexpected acts of kindness!

I wanted to write about the "unexpected acts of kindness" Chris and I have experienced throughout this experience.  It has amazed me so much that the some of the greatest comfort I have experienced has come from places/people that I have least expected.  Of course, the people I knew I could count were there and have gone above and beyond.  But it has been a few that have stuck out in my mind that have truly surprised me by their continuous support.

Many of my mom's friends have been amazing.  I countlessly receive packages in the mail or cards of encouragement.  It has amazed me how much they have continued to support no only my mom, but me as well.  My mom was truly blessed with an amazing group of friends.  I hope that when I am at that age I can look around me and have the same "circle."

Another person that has continued to amaze me is my friend Marie.  Marie is the wife to Chris' fraternity brother.  We went to college together and although we were not in the same sorority, we still hung out due to being over at the fraternity house.  I would definately consider us friends.  We always had fun hanging out at the Bali Satay house, while our boyfriends pretended to be "rock stars."  But all of us girlfriends of the ATO house had fun together. 

Marie is one of those people that is exceptionally beautiful inside and out.  She has amazed me this past year and a half, like clockwork she regulary calls me every few weeks to check in.  Her goofiness and positive attitude are always welcomed and brighten my day.  Although Marie lives in Chicago, is a recent newlywed, teacher and now starting to get her masters... she still finds time to call.  Her dedication to our friendship and continued support have amazed.  I'm sure she'll probably read this and think "oh its not that big of a deal" but it trully is.  You would be amazed at how many people "forget to call" or "oh, i'll check in later" mentality.  Chris and I have family members and close friends that we have not talked to in over a month or longer.

So that is why Marie is my unexpected "act of kindness."  I hope that sometime I can return the favor to someone in need and lead by her amazing example!  Thanks Marie...  you're truly an amazing person!

Picture of Marie and I in college

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