Friday, February 5, 2010

Really... only 5 minutes!?!?!

Okay... so today I conquered a huge milestone in regards to my disease.  I went to the gym!  GASP!  Most people know me as the "track runner" from high school.  I have always been athletic... when I was younger it wasn't uncommon for me to be juggeling 4-5 sports at a time.  I love competition.  The sport I was naturally gifted in was track... sprinting.  But whether your a sprinter or a distance runner, we all enjoy going out and jogging a nice mile.  Even if I was really out of shape, it was never to hard.  This brings me to my lovely relization that I had today.

I have been having some fairly good days.  I can feel my energy level is up and the muscle soreness is at an all time best.  With that in mind, I talked Chris in to taking me to the gym.  I figured, a little exercise will only be good for my lungs and I'm desperate to start losing this extra prednisone weight.  I have not been able to do any physical activity in over a year in a half, so the "happy endorphines" were looking good.

Needless to say I decided to do 10 minutes on the ellipitical.  That seemed like nothing to me (in my head).  The physical therapist recommended the elliptical for me and I was going to do just that.  Well... lets just say that by the time I hit minute 2 I could feel my lungs burning and I could barely feel my knees.  I know we all hit that "i'm really tired but I could push it just a little bit more" stage, but I literally hit minute 5 and thought "if I don't stop i'm either going to collapse from muscle fatigue or hyperventalate."  My lungs were on fire.  As you can imagine, it was a very frustrating situation.  I came home and was bummed.  I knew recovery was going to be tough, but it goes back to that whole "denial" stage... you don't realize how bad things are until you experience some stuff.

Well I've been bumming all night, I finally am shaking it as we enter the early hours of Friday morning and of course my husband is asleep in the other room, so I am trying to make myself fall asleep by researching the internet on my disease and other fun blogs... I came across someone's blog who was talking about what they're thankful for.  I figured what better time than to start listing every Friday ten things that I am thankful.  At a time in my life, when it is so easy to focus on the negative things, what better way to glorify Him and focus on what He has given me.  So at 1 am... this is what I'm currently thankful for...

1... The love my husband shows for me daily.
2... Daily phone conversations with my mom... even if they are only for a minute to say "hi" and "i'm thinking of you".
3... The smell of coffee shops in the morning.
4... The feeling of my orange and white tabby cat cuddling with my feet.
5... Checking the mailbox.
6... Hearing my Dad say... "Magoo"
7... The sound of my niece's laughs through the phone.
8... The beep of my cell phone when I get a text message.
9... Colorful, fuzzy fleece socks.
10... My heating pad at 5 am

Picture of Chris and I on our first vacation
together in the Cayman Islands. 
Thankful for GOOD memories like this!

Give thanks in all circumstances...
1 Thessalonians 5:18 

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