Friday, February 26, 2010

Going on an adventure

We're getting ready to leave for Atlanta... so say a couple prayers that I don't freak out on the plane! :)  I woke up this morning with some slight muscle pain and a low grade fever... not sure if it was a fluke or if "my hunch" is right and my disease is becoming more active.  Lovely how this occurs at the same time I'm facing my fear and flying again... oh well... God will see me through! :)  I have my blood test on Monday so I'll know then whats up!  I'm hoping with this and the combination of not sleeping well due to some family stuff will help me pass out on the plane!  But anyways...  Can't wait to post pictures of our weekend!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday Thankfulness:

1... Cinnamon poptarts
2... Long phone calls from Molly... I think we talked 2 hours the other day
3... A good book on a sunny afternoon
4... The fact that the Real Housewives of NY is starting next week... yes I know its sad but I absolutely LOVE that show
5... A margarita... I needed one after last week
6... An e-mail from my dad
7... Painting my toenails... first time I've been able too in 1 year
8... Laffy taffy... LOVE LOVE LOVE
9... Seeing Chris meet up with friends... 3 times this week :)
10... The fact I'm able to go to Atlanta to spend time with my family... Chris and I NEED this getaway! :)
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