Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I got some good news today after going to the doctor on Friday. My white blood count is down to 15.8, from 31 last month. It looks like the Rituxin (infusion) might be working. I was able to start to go down on prednisone on Saturday. I was super happy about this, but then woke up Monday morning and remembered how much I hate the prednisone withdrawals... 4:00 am with muscle pains and 101' fever... not so much fun. Luckily today I didn't have a fever and the muscle pain isn't too bad in the scheme of things. Although the fatigue is not fun to deal with... I'm tired ALL THE TIME. Hopefully by Friday my body will start to adjust. First time in about 6 months we've had some good news... Chris came home a happy camper. Usually when I call him at work saying "the doctor" called, it's not good. Looking forward to a relaxing week... since I'm tired and lazy, I just might be able to finish my Abigail Adams book... what a remarkable woman.

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