Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick Update

It has been crazy in our household lately getting ready for the lovely "doctor" appointments. We went to the hematologist on Monday and after taking about 7 viles of blood, he concluded that he doesn't find it necessary to take a bone marrow biopsy. WHEW! My blood cells did not look malignant and I didn't have any swollen lymph nodes. We aren't out of the dark yet in regards to cancer, but so far everything has come back clear. Thank goodness! It looks like my white blood count went down as well. I'm curious to see what Dr. Fontana says on Friday. Hopefully we can figure out a new plan for 2010. I'm ready to start getting my life back on track, as I know Chris is as well. I'll post after the appointment on Friday! Wish us luck! Christmas was great... the best "trip" i've taken in over a year. I was mostly comfortable for the 6 hour drive to Iowa. It was such a blessing to see my beautiful nieces, brother and sister-in-law. They defintately distracted Chris and I from all the craziness we had been encountering. Keegan is definately a mini Brant (my brother) and it looks like Mis following in Kelly's footsteps. Their personalities are really starting to show and boy does Kel have her hands full. But both girls are just previous! It's hard to believe that our little Mia will be 1 in February. It seems like she was just born. My sister-in-law, Kelly, has been awesome and let me make her 1 year birthday invitations. It has been so much fun... pink and brown lady bug theme! Can't wait till their finished. I finally have another project to be working on! :) Here are a couple of pictures from Christmas!

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