Monday, May 7, 2012

What's next?

I keep asking that question to myself.  What is next for me.  So far, I haven't come up with an answer.  I've been doing great and exercising about 6 times weekly.  I've even lost about 7 pounds, but with much hard work and restraint in the dietary department.  That prednisone sure did mess with my body and metabolism.

Although I'm doing great, I still have my moments every day where I ache or become completely exhausted.  I know it is not realistic for me to hold a job every again.  I do occupy my time very well, considering I'm by myself all day and 2-3 nights a week.  Although I keep busy, I still find myself becoming very lonely.

I moved to Minnesota five years ago, not knowing anyone except for a few acquaintances.  The first year I lived here I was so busy with work and planning our wedding that I didn't have much time to focus on friendships.  I was also working and met some really nice people there.

That winter, Chris and I moved into our neighborhood and I started to become extremely ill.  Needless to say that past few years haven't been focused on making friendships.  We have great neighbors, but all of which are older than us with at least two kids.  I find it hard to relate.

Not sure what to do.  I've kept focusing on wanting to move.  But that is just not an option for us currently.  It is hard when the majority of my best friends are in the Des Moines area and that is only two hours away from my parents.  Its hard being away from what I know.  I moved a lot as a child and I have never had this much "home" withdrawals.  I'm not sure how to change it either.  At this age we seem to find our friends through work or our children.  Neither is a current option.

I can't sleep, so this is my "food for thought" of the night.  I apologize for the random ramble.


  1. Hello - I found your blog today, I was diagnosed two days ago. It was nice hearing about your improvement, I'm still in the very sick, yucky phase unfortunately. Like you, I'm young, married and I guess looking for a friend in all this whose been through it. If you are willing I'd love to email or facebook. My name is Shannon.

  2. Hi! I, too, found your blog tonight. I was diagnosed just last fall. I am also young - 34 - and haven't read about many young people with anti synthetase. I still haven't found my long term treatment. If you or Shannon would like to keep in touch, I'd like that very much too. I am glad you're feeling better!

  3. Hi brandy & Shannon I have just been diagnosed with anti synthatase I'm only 30, just at the beginning of my journey and hoping to start my treatment in the next week. Hope you guys are doing ok. If you would like to get in touch my email is


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