Monday, February 13, 2012

2011-2012 update

I apologize for my lack of blog postings. But I have a really good reason... I've been feeling amazing!!!  I've finally started to feel somewhat "normal."  So, while I've been enjoying life to the fullest, I haven't thought about sitting at the computer to update all of you!  So I apologize.

Things are well, I continue to lose a little weight here and there and my pulmonary function test is officially in the low 70's. Something I haven't seen since I first got sick over 3.5 years ago!  I'm so fortunate to have the amazing medical team that I do.  Whatever they are doing... its working.  For the first time in 4 years, my husband and I are making plans, checking those plans off the list one by one.

So... some amazing things have happened since my last blog post.  The firs tone being I got to spend Thanksgiving with my amazing nieces and my grandparents in Virginia.  Oh...and I didn't freak out about flying either. :)  My grandfather (Dooda as we refer to him) turned 90.

 Chris and I Thanksgiving Day

 I always say nieces give the best hugs.

 My beautiful grandmother (Mamom) 89 years old.
 Keegan and I playing
 Laughter with my lil Mia
 Brant (my brother), Kelly (my sister-in-law), Me, Chris, Keegan, Mom, Dad and Mia

Us "kids" with my grandparents

An arrival came early for Christmas as well for our family.  Introducing our nephew, Parker Samuel Allen.  Born December 21st.
 He looks just like his daddy and older sister Keegan

Great big sisters!!!! :)
Can't wait to meet him in March.

Christmas was spent in MN, and my parents came. Which was great as I had infusions fall right around them and those still make me tired!

Other than that... I've been doing some house projects and attempting to exercise daily.  I still have my struggles and the aches and pains are a daily occurrence, but I'm so grateful to be somewhat "healthy."

Promise to not go so long between blog posts!  But in the case of me and how I've worked this blog... no news is usually good news! :)  Cheers!

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  1. Hello there, Maggie! I’m happy your treatment is going well. Seems like your medical team is working double time to make sure you get better by the day! There is no known cause for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, so there’s no telling what may be the reason you incurring that disease, but I imagine it must be difficult for you sometimes to breathe. What kind of remedies have you tried so far? Have you tried lung rehabilitation? I would suggest you take higher carbohydrates, especially super food. That way, you get the most nutrients for the smallest amount of food, and you avoid putting too much pressure on your diaphragm.


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