Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Double dose of good news

So I can continue my blog posts of really good news. First off, last week I went to the pulmonologist and my lung function test showed amazing improvement from February, and comparing it to last year it was amazing. Last June my pulmonary function was 42%. Which pretty much means that when I breathe I was only using 42% of my lungs. I was in then 40's all of 2010. I started to show some improvement in the Fall of 2010. In February my function went up to 50%... I'm even more happy to report that I have now officially hit 60%. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've thought I'm heading towards being able to live a semi-normal life.

It has been extremely refreshing these past few weeks, as our conversations in the Hatch household has been filled with talking about future trips we want to take and the possibility of starting a family in the next few years. It's such a relief to be a normal, boring married couple!!!

On Friday I go into see my rheumatologist... Looking forward to a good report and scheduling my next infusions for July/August. It's going to be a few busy months, but filled with a lot of good things.

So, the second bit of news is VERY exciting!!!!! Chris and I received a phone call a few weeks ago and I can happily, officially report it now. As most of you know I adore my brother, Brant and sister-in-law, Kelly. I adore them even more now that they have given me my adorable, beautiful nieces Keegan and Mia. Well, get ready as Baby Allen #3 is in the way!!!!  I was told via a phone, but my parents were traveling down there to visit for Keegan's birthday and were given a picture frame with three picture slots... two filled with Keegs and Mia.  The third had a note that read... Parker Samuel or Lily Ann???  This is when they figured out what was going on...

The funny, ironic aspect of it is the fact that the baby is due in January. The funny part is Mia was born in February, Kelly in March, Brant in April, and Keegan in May!!!! How funny is that...

Other positive news is I was able to make it to Cedar Falls for my dear friend, Molly's wedding shower. Here is a picture with me and my Mom...

Here is my friend Molly and me, her Matron of Honor! :)  Can't wait for the wedding in August.  Its going to be a lot of fun!

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