Monday, November 8, 2010

SURPRISE... its my birthday!

Below is the picture that I took during my birthday weekend... I walked out of my bathroom to find my cat perched from his bed... looking at me like SURPRISE it's your birthday... what are we going to do today. 

Anyways... I had a wonderful birthday this past weekend.  I woke up to two voicemails, the first one being my beautiful niece, Keegan, singing Happy Birthday to me.  Followed by my lovely father singing to me (its tradition since I was a little girl).  I could help but smile.  I then was greeted by my husband with coffee, bagels, and flowers... what a thoughtful one I have! :)

I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday with my parents as well!  They came up for the night!  It was wonderful.  My mom and I did a little shopping and then we ended the night at Muffaletta, a restaurant in St. Paul that is one of my favorites.  I was so happy that my parents were able to come, especially my Dad, as he has one of the busiest work schedules I know!  So sweet of them.

It was a very relaxing, fun weekend.  I was grateful to be surrounded by my 3 biggest fans, and supporters.

To me this weekend I hit a milestone.  I try to not be gloomy, or morbid.  But I will be completely honest, at my last year's birthday I knew there was a possibility that I wouldn't make it to 27.  Chris thought this as well.  So... we celebrated this birthday! 

I can honestly say that my outlook on life after this birthday is a lot brighter.  I have added some goals to my plate and I officially know that I will make it to my 28th.  But, that doesn't shrug the fact that one thing I have learned is that with each birthday I will NEVER look at it as another year older.  No, instead I will look at it as another year LIVED...

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  1. Bless your heart Maggie! Celebrating each day...something we ALL should do more of. So glad you had a great birthday! :)



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