Sunday, September 26, 2010

Off to the woods we go...

So Saturday was AMAZING as Chris' friend Lucas from high school got married to Melissa.  Lucas was a usher in our wedding and I LOVE THESE TWO!  I'm so happy for them.

The wedding was amazing, and definitely up there in one of my favorites.  The wedding was entirely them.  It took place at a state park and was VERY casual, along with a pig roast.  Melissa look so beautiful and Lucas was just precious.  Their vows were amazing and I think everyone in the audience shed a tear during their ceremony.  So happy for them.

It was so great to see the "Burnsville" guys group and their wives/girlfriends.  I was SO SAD though as unfortunately my body gave out before my mind did and it was a VERY uncomfortable ride home.  Between sitting on a wooden bench and standing a lot, this "80 year old body" at about 8 pm had enough.  So Chris and I had to venture on our way home, super sad :(.  Needless to say I crashed into bed and have been "re-cooperating" all day today.  Chris even made me apple cider.

I forgot my camera, so I at least got two pics of the guys together and then Melissa's centerpieces that she made.  They were adorable and I was so impressed by them...

Chris is taking tomorrow off to go with me to my lung appointment.  It'll be the first time we have reviewed my CT scan in over a year.  Unfortunately in the past few weeks I have been coughing a lot more, so I am not looking at this as having "amazing" results.  Looking forward to getting the infusion and then seeing what becomes of my body in the next few months.

As I told Chris today, I'm tired of being tired, but at the same time I'm so fortunate we were able to go to Lucas' wedding as well as attend church this morning.  That is something we weren't able to do 6-7 months ago.  I have to keep telling myself baby steps!

We'll send out a little diddy regarding tomorrow's lung appointment!  Until then...

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