Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blood Test Results

So quick update after yesterday's rant :)  I got a call from my doctor today and the good news is that the majority of my blood levels are still normal.  The bad news is that my CRP (which indicates inflammation in my lungs typically) has slightly elevated.  If you recall the only time the CRP has shown up normal was last month.  So, I am not allowed to go off prednisone completely, but I do not have to go up.  So we can continue with 2.5 mg. 

She'll continue to keep an eye on my CRP as this is the last thing to get normal, but the first to start to elevate.  I'm hanging in there! :)  as is Chris.  We got the call that she would like to get my infusion going as quickly as possible.  I had already been approved by the foundation to provide funding, but we just need to run it through our insurance and see if they reject again this year.  Either way it is fine for us.  But the good news is that the ball is rolling.

So not necessarily bad news, but not good news either.  We're back to the waiting game! :)  One that we know so very well.

Chris and I will try to keep you all updated in the next few weeks!  Thanks for all your support.

Much love...

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