Friday, March 12, 2010

Fever today... down for the count!

So unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a low grade fever and muscle aches... also some congestion. My whole family was has encountered the flu, etc. and I think it might be taking a little toll on my body as well. Laying low today, which is a bummer as I was suppose to meet a sorority sister for lunch! :( No fun.

I've been having a really hard week, so this just tops it off. Its been really hard for me this week not to get "negative." I feel that the drug prednisone although has helped, it still hasn't helped me enough so that my lungs are doing better... with that frustrating news from Monday, I just look at myself and begin to cry. The effects the drug has had on my body are just unruly. I feel that everyday I find a new stretch mark (striae). This use to not bother me too much as it was on my stomach only... Hey... i'm 25 but I'm okay giving up two piece swimsuits. But in the past 2 weeks, the stretch marks are showing up on my upper arms. Its so hard to deal with emotionally. Its times like these I ask myself... is it worth it. Still trying to find the "light" at the end of the tunnel. Like I said... I'm having my first negative week.

I'm fortunate to have an amazing husband... honestly, I don't know how he handles everything. A day never goes by without him tell me he loves me and how beautiful I am. I really hit the lottery when I married him. I don't know where he finds the strength to deal with everything. He truly is one the strongest people I know. I thank God daily for putting this amazing man in my life. I wish everyone could see and experience how wonderful he is and appreciate it to the fullest.

I figured I'd end this blog on a positive note!

Friday Thankfulness:

1... My best friend Molly got engaged! So happy for her!
2... The snow is melting... I see cement and grass!
3... MY friends... they're always here for me no matter what.
4... Being able to go home for Easter... first time in 5 years!
5... Painting my toe nails hot pink... first time in a year!
6... Being able to walk 15 minutes on the tredmill.
7... My Rachel Ray cookbook... we tried 4 new recipes this week... they were amazing and healthy!
8... Harry Potter books... if all else fails in cheering myself up, I just open one of them up and it does the job.
9... Tums... enough said.
10... Great family and friends allowing me to do some "work" for them i.e. wedding programs and birth annoucements... it gives me something to do! :)

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