Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3...

So Day three is upon me and... NO FEVER! :) Knock on wood, but so far so good in regards to coming down on prednisone. The only things I've had are some headaches, fatigue and slight muscle soreness above my knees... I'll take it. Chris and I keep waiting for the ball to drop, but hey maybe my body is just as ready as I am to get rid of this prednisone! :)

So I've been taking lots of baths with epsom salts... totally recommend it for people with any muscle soreness. But also, today I took a bath with one of my Blissful Bath fizzy balls (its a bath store we have here in Eagan). Chris and I have become obsessed with them... they have such neat stuff. Anyways, I tried the fizzy ball "Oh my aching muscles." Totally recommend it... not only are my muscles relaxed and calm, but my skin feels amazing. It does turn the water green... so I kind of felt like a wicked witch melting but follow this link if you want to check it out

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