Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Thanksfulness... plus a neti pot

Okay... so I did the whole "neti" pot thing last night... not sure how I feel about it and I won't disgust you with the details... but it really does clear out your sinuses.  Hopefully that will help with the congestion and coughing... we'll see.  Needless to say... you really do flush water through your nose.  I think the best part about the incident was that I did read the ENTIRE instructions... the last part where  it says don't go to bed until an hour afterwards.  Well Chris and I laid down to watch a movie before bed and about 30 minutes in I randomly had water draining through each nostral... this proceeded to happen for about 20 minutes.  Yep... I know Chris was thinking thats attractive! :)

Friday Thankfulness:

1... Random "goofy" text messages from my amazing sister-in-law Kelly.
2... Finding a new recipe to try and LOVING IT... we tried "buffalo chicken soup" this week!  AMAZING!
3... The sound of the kitty purring at 5 am... he just wants food.
4... Chris kissing me good bye in the morning.
5... Sun reflecting off freshly fallen snow.
6... The start of the Winter Olympics... GO TEAM USA!
7... The restoration hardware blanket Chris' boss got for us for Christmas... its fluffy and cuddly and OH SO WARM :)
8... Valentine's day sugar cookies.
9... Walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes.
10... My Russian friendship tea on a cold night.
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