Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 6...

Well... I've officially reached Day 6 of going down on prednisone.  I haven't had a fever since Tuesday... which is great.  I'm still very tired and my legs are quite sore.  The muscle cramping has increased as well.  Taking it day by day.  I've actually been sleeping until 2-3 in the afternoon... not much motivation to do anything due to just not feeling well.  Hopefully by the weekend I'll start to perk up a little bit.

Chris is home today working, which is great, as I have someone in the house... even though he works non-stop, its still comforting.  My lungs have been doing "okay."  I've been getting more short of breath and coughing, but it seems that cough drops and the "neti" pot have helped.  We're closely monitoring this, as prednisone has helped me breath and stop the progress of mylung disease, hopefully the rituxin is still working so that the lung involvement doesn't become an issue.

My heating pad has become my best friend this week.  It really helps with the arthritis pain and muscle soreness.  It accompanied me while we watching Shaun White win the gold last night... could he be any more amazing???

Well the sun is shining here in Minnesota, although its still quite cold.  Looking forward to a week from tomorrow being in SUNNY GEORGIA! :)  Fingers crossed!!!!

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