Tuesday, July 20, 2010

High anxiety, ends with a sigh of relief!

So... I went and saw my rheumatologist yesterday.  It was the first time I had gone a month without her.  I was really anxious about seeing her.  I've been doing fairly well on 7.5 mg. of prednisone and she would be giving me the go ahead if I could go lower.  Every time I have a doctor's appt. or get blood tests I get really anxious... I just don't want to go back up on prednisone right now.  I know its realistic to think that I will some day have to go back up on prednsione... I would just like a little break for awhile.

With that being said, things seem to going in the right direction still.  Am I the same energetic, hyperactive person I was before this?  No, but I feel that each day is a step towards recovery and although its annoying... baby steps are the key.  I still have bad days, where I need to sleep and yes I still turn as blue as a smurf when I get cold or stressed out.  But it lookes like my joints are doing well and all my levels are for the most part normal.  My creatin k isn't, but that is not too alarming right now.  So... I right now I sit and wait for the phone call.  The phone call to give me the okay to go down to 5 mg. of prednisone.  This is the lowest I have been in two years.  I've very excited about this news.  So heres hoping!

I don't have to go back to the doctor until September.  So I get another break this August and just have to have my blood tests.  If all goes well in August I will be able to go down to 2.5 mg. of prednisone.  In September they will test my adrenal gland to see if it's "waking up" as being on prednisone shuts it off.  Hopefully it'll all go well, because if it doesn't wake up I'll have to be on 5 mg. of prednisone the rest of my life.  I know a lot of people do this, but hey... any less pills I can take the better! :)

So that's the doctor update! :)  Of to make Bethenny Frankel's "healthy" mac and cheese! :)  Have a great night!

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