Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Thankfulness...

So its Friday and I'm super pumped... we're feeling good, Chris is working from home, and its nice outside! :)  Chris and I are forward to working in the yard and house this weekend as well as getting together with friends to grill out.  Today I woke up not feeling too bad and feeling like my energy is coming back.  Anxious for my doctor's appointment next week!  I'm only had some soreness in the backs of my knees and my back continues to flair up... but its tolerable pain. :)

1... Warm weather!
2... Potbelly pickles... yummy!
3... Sleeping with the windows open!
4... Date night tonight for Chris and I... its been too long!
5... Grilling out!
6... Looking through old pictures... I have found pictures from elementary school on up... its a hoot looking at how much Brant, Kelly and I have changed!
7... Finding Euro pillows 2 for $22.00 at Homegoods... our guest bedroom is starting to look cute! :)
8... The excitement that my mom comes next weekend! :)
9... The fact that I had no fever after my infusion!
10... Starting decorating projects with Chris... can't wait to start to paint certain rooms! :)

So... yeah one of my mom's good friends daughter had a beautiful baby girl... her name is Kenley Rose... isn't that precious?  She's beautiful too.  So they asked me to make the baby announcements... so much fun!  I'm in the process of finishing them up but this has entertained me this week!  How much fun!  What do you guys think??  My creative juices have been flowing since I've had to "take it easy."

The picture of Kenley will go below the K

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

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