Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday thankfulness...

Friday Thankfulness:

1... The fact that Chris and I were able to visit my brother in Atlanta and had an amazing trip!
2... Hearing Mia go "what's that."
3... Hearing Keegan sing her princess songs... "I knew you..."
4... Oatmeal from Trader Joes.... so yummy!
5... The fact that its 40 degrees right now and the snow is melting... bring on the Spring weather!
6... Thankful for my husband that two friends came over the other night! He was able to have some "guy" time.
7... Talking "girl" talk with my sister in law, Kelly
8... The amazing communication my family has...
9... My pink John Deere sweatshirt... I sweat it is the most comfortable thing... plus I'm representing! :)
10... I'm feeling good "physically"

I've had a really good week in the sense that physically I've been able to do many things. I know I'll never feel back to "normal" but I feel as if I'm close to what my normal is going to be. It seems that what is bothering me know physically is effects from the prednisone. Hopefully on the 25th I can go down to 20 mg.! YEAH!

Emotionally I have been having a couple struggles... as anyone would. It was hard looking at pictures of myself... It's hard to accept gaining 40 pounds in fluid weight when you had no control over it. I'm fortunate my husband and sister-in-law, Kelly, have actually been the most positive ones and the best in dealing with this. I'm lucky to have them as a support system.

I've been kind of stressed lately, which is not good for my condition as it triggers it. So trying to find ways to relax and "de-stress." We've had some "drama" in our life... seems to always be the same people that just think of themselves and their situations that tend to create "drama" or "issues" in our life the past year... I personally don't think they understand our situation entirely. But anyways, prednisone causes me to have high anxiety, mixed in with some issues with some people, and bingo... my emotions have been crazy! Its hard to keep things under control... Chris is more calm about things than I am, even without medicine. I keep trying to ignore the "stressors" and kind close certain people out of my life that tends to cause this anxiety... for whatever reason... they seem to keep puring it on as of lately. Trying to find ways to deal with this, when you have so much other stuff going on in your mind, is hard. Its times like these I'm ready to pick up and move to Georgia or somewhere closer to my family. All the "drama" is in Minnesota... which after 3 years of living here... I still don't like it-- no offense. Hopefully this weekend will bring peace to some issues and I can learn to live and let go. I keep praying to God for advice and to "be the bigger person." But the more I'm the "bigger person" the more it seems other people become "the lesser person." Not sure if that makes sense... needed to vent to myself for a little bit :) A little lonely on a Friday afternoon.

My anxiety is high right now due to my lung appointment on Monday. Hopefully we will have better test results! Fingers crossed...

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