Saturday, February 20, 2010


So tonight is one of Chris' friends engagement/graduation party.  I'm super excited about.  He doesn't live in the cities and doesn't come home very often, so I know how excited Chris is to see him.  We haven't seen him or his girlfriend since our wedding... craziness.  A lot of people there do not know I'm sick or haven't seen me in a LONG time... I'm a little anxious, as I do look very different.  Its times like these that my anxiety and self-consciousness sets in... I keep dreading the "are you pregnant" question due to my swollen face and stomach from the prednisone.  Also contributing to the fact that I actually don't know these people very well, some my comfort level is low.  I'm super excited for Chris though to get to see some of his friends, as it doesn't happen very often.  Wishful thinking that tonight is a success! :)  And that I can find something to wear! :(

A milestone today, I was able to walk out side for a bit.  The lungs didn't effect me too much until I stopped and still I can tell they are getting a tad bit stronger.  My muscles didn't burn till the end of the walk... and it was a good burn!  Not the burn where "hey, i'm dying over here."

On a sad note, my grandmother, Mamom, is in the hospital.  She is having some stomach issues.  She's 87 years old, so her body is slowly giving way.  My mom talked to her today and said she didn't sound too good, but I'm planning on calling her tomorrow and hopefully her spirits will be a little bit higher.  Saying extra prayers for her... for peace and comfort.

So the weekend is met with many different emotions and feelings...
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